Our History

HyperMedia has the capability to make a difference in the service value due to a strong motivated and highly skilled team of technical specialists – project managers, system analysts and architects, developers, testers, integrated into a mature and well-designed IT outsourcing business process.

Created as a software development and IT consulting company, HyperMedia is focused on multimedia technologies, especially multimedia distributed systems: speech-based user interaction, virtual shared space, collaborative systems, interactive applications.

From the beginning, the entire activity has been focused on research, development and innovation. In 2007, HyperMedia proposes the first interactive e-learning system for the Romanian market. Suggestively called HyperEDU, the e-learning platform is going to be adopted by universities, colleges and training companies.

The company pursues the trend of market and creates a generic framework for online casino systems that includes multi-player poker games or roulette. Moreover, the company proposes a complex API for collaborative commerce that grants a high degree of interactivity, speech-based user interaction and 2D shared space.

In 2008, HyperMedia participates to the INVITE R&D partnership that aims to develop a “Collaborative e-business platform that supports the virtual enterprise mechanisms”. The company become a leader in the educational market, develops the second version of HyperEDU and signs off the agreement for education with the “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

In 2009, the income from outsourcing services are invested in two news platforms: HPMComm and HyperCareers. HPMComm – the first collaborative work environment developed in Romania that offers (a)synchronous collaborative capabilities. HyperCareers – a human resource management system that provides with advanced user-system interaction by implementing multimodal interface concepts.

In 2010, HyperMedia sets up HPMCloud, a collaborative cloud environment, and releases a complex set of collaborative services that includes interpersonal online cooperation and advanced human-system interaction. The cloud infrastructure consists of virtual collaboration tools such as video conferencing, virtual shared space including file/application/desktop sharing, hybrid classware, course authoring tool, etc.

In 2011, HyperMedia implements two new multimedia distributed applications and releases them in the Romanian IT market: HyperKids and HyperTalk. HyperKids, a K-12 interactive entertainment and learning platform implements interactive functionality such as handwriting, video recording and media streaming. HyperTalk is a complex collaborative environmen that provides with multi-channel access to (a)synchronous collaborative services.